The signs and symptoms of inhalant abuse are pretty clear and tough to keep secret. The extreme signs of inhalant abuse are brain damage, coma and death. Many users do not understand that the ultimate tragedy can come without warning when abusing toxic chemicals. Inhalants are taken in be breathing in the chemicals from their containers or through "huffing." Huffing is a process of soaking a rag in chemicals and placing the rag over the nose and mouth or even putting the rag in the mouth to get a stronger effect from the chemicals. There is little control of dosage levels with inhalant abuse and abusers routinely get sick and nauseous after abusing chemicals.

Chemicals that can be abused are found in every home. Nail polish remover, butane lighter fluid, cooking sprays, deodorants, fabric protectors, whipped cream aerosols, spray paint, propane gas, paint thinner, liquid paper and gasoline are just some of the hundreds of chemicals and products that can be abused.

Studies show that inhalants are often the first drugs used by children and do start as early as elementary school. If your child or loved one has a history of alcoholism or drug abuse in the family, is susceptible to peer pressure or has low self-esteem, these could be early signs of a youth at risk for inhalant and other substance abuse.

If your child or loved one is abusing inhalants, you may have already come across these signs and symptoms of using. Chemical smells on clothing or breath are a sure give-away. Chemicals have powerful odors and can create sores around the nose and mouth. Paint and similar chemicals on the face or fingers can be a sign of abuse as well. Intoxicated behavior such as loss of coordination, slurred speech, nausea and loss of appetite can also point to inhalant or other substance abuse.

Other signs include noticing a collection of marking pens, or finding empty spray paint bottles or rags hidden in closets and other unusual places. It is important not to stay blind to these signs and symptoms but discuss inhalant abuse with your loved one. If there is a problem, it is important to get help as quickly as possible.

Spencer Recovery Centers has helped thousands of patients recovery from substance abuse including inhalants, street drugs, prescription drugs and alcohol. Inhalants can wreak havoc on the mind and body of a young person and it is critical to stop the cycle of abuse as quickly as possible. Spencer effectively treats abuse through a dualistic approach that treats the body and the mind. Our on staff medical doctor addresses physical ailments and can prescribe medications if required. Through individual and group therapy, our staff psychologist and team of counselors uncover damaging behaviors and examine ways of identifying and changing thinking patterns.

If you have a loved one who is suffering from inhalant abuse, please call us right away. We can help answer any questions you have in one confidential phone call. Recovery from abuse is possible with the right treatment. Please call Spencer Recovery Centers today.

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