Inhalants effects on the body and mind are significant and get considerably worse as abuse continues. Inhalants contain extremely harsh chemicals that are very dangerous to the mind and organs of the body. The pleasurable effects inhalants produce keep some individuals coming back for more despite the many risks. Most of the pleasurable effects center around suppressing the central nervous system. After certain chemicals are inhaled, the give the user similar feelings as alcohol, and sedatives such as barbiturates.

Inhalants such as model glue, nail polish removers and spray paints, especially gold and silver, contain a powerful chemical called toluene. Toluene has been shown in studies to activate the brain's pleasure center similar to other drugs such as alcohol and cocaine. Other products that contain mind altering chemicals include whipped cream canisters that contain nitrous oxide gas and paint thinner which contain solvents that vaporize at room temperature.

These chemicals are inhaled directly from their containers or through several other methods. One popular method is soaking a rag in the chemicals and breathing through it. Some will stuff the rag in their mouth for a full effect called "huffing." Other chemicals such as correction fluid are poured into baggies and inhaled from the bag. Other chemicals, such as solvents used in marking pens are inhaled from the tips of felt-tip markers.

Clearly many of these products can be found around the home or garage. This makes inhalants very easy for younger children to abuse. Not only are inhalants primarily the first drug children abuse but studies also show that it is the only class of drug in which abuse happens less frequently the older the child becomes. Of course many adolescents that begin by abusing inhalants move on to other street drugs such as marijuana, acid, ecstasy, methamphetamines or cocaine.

For some, however, inhalant abuse continues into adulthood as a cheap and easy way to get high. For others, damage is done early to the mind and body. Whatever the situation, if an individual is abusing inhalants, professional help should be sought right away to prevent further damage.

Spencer Recovery Centers has been in the treatment community for over 12 years and can help your loved one beat dependence and usage of inhalants. Inhalant abuse is no different than alcohol abuse or other substance abuse. They can all develop into addictions of the mind and body and must be addressed with an effective treatment plan that includes the mind and body.

The Spencer Recovery Center staff includes a full-time medical doctor and psychologist that will customize a treatment plan to combat inhalants effects on the mind and body. If you or a loved one needs to stop using these dangerous chemicals, please call us today for a confidential consultation.

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