Individuals who seek to escape reality can do so in a number of ways. Children who are at risk for drug use often use inhalants before alcohol and other drugs. Studies conducted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse have found that six percent of children have used inhalant products at one time or another by the time they reach the fourth grade. As children reach school age, they are exposed to learning how to abuse many different common household products. Some children abuse inhalants as a social activity with friends, out of peer pressure or to escape feelings of anxiety. Although inhalant use seems to peak out around the seventh through ninth grades, abuse can become habitual and can lead to psychological dependence. There are basically four different categories of inhalants that are abused. The categories are solvents, aerosols, gases and nitrites. They are called inhalants because the only effective means of delivering the mind altering dosage is through breathing in the fumes of these chemicals.

Solvents give off toxic fumes when exposed to air. They are cheap, easy to find around the house and used quite often. They include nail polish removers, degreasers, paint thinner, gasoline, model or airplane glue, liquid paper correction fluid and marking pens. These products are inhaled directly from their respective containers, placed in a bag and inhaled or soaked into a rag and placed in and on the mouth and nose. The process of inhaling is called huffing, snorting, sniffing or bagging.

Aerosols are another category of inhalants that are usually inhaled directly from the canister. Aerosols can contain volatile solvents or gases and are used as propellants. Gold and silver spray paints are popular for the chemical toluene that they contain. Certain types of shoe-shine sprays, deodorants, hair sprays and cooking sprays are all popular aerosol inhalants that can be abused.

Gases are another category of inhalant products that range from medical anesthetics to household products. From ether and chloroform to nitrous oxide found in whipped cream dispensers, some inhalant products are illegally diverted and sold on the street while others are found in the refrigerator. Other easy to find gases that are used as inhalant products include butane lighters, propane tanks and refrigerants.

Nitrites are a special type of inhalant product that is primarily abused for sexual enhancement. Nitrites cause a warm flush when inhaled by dilating blood vessels and relaxing the muscles. Known as "poppers" nitrites are sold as room deodorizers and are also prescribed for heart pain. Drugs like amyl nitrite are diverted from legitimate sources and sold as street drugs.

There are literally hundreds of chemicals, gases, aerosols and nitrites that can be abused for their mind altering properties. There are, however, less options available for recovery. Spencer Recovery Centers have been treating clients for inhalant and other substance abuse for over 12 years and have a very successful recovery rate.

If you suspect that your child or loved one is abusing inhalant products it is important to get treatment before any more damage can be done. Call Spencer Recovery Centers today to find out more about our comprehensive program that treats the mind and body of an inhalant abuser. The call is completely confidential and toll free so call today.

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