History of inhalants goes back to the first use of volatile solvents and gases but the history of inhalants is not as important as a future without them. History of inhalants includes abuse of chemical vapors since they first began being manufactured. Chemicals included in the history of inhalants are solvents, aerosols, gases and nitrites. The history of inhalants includes natural gases as well as man-made chemicals. This site will examine the history of inhalants as it relates to each chemical and its abuse.

Solvents have been around since early manufacturing. Degreasers, gasoline and glues have many uses in manufacturing and even in the common household garage. Unfortunately this makes them very accessible to children and very easy chemicals to abuse. Solvents such as these are inexpensive and alter mood and reality when abused. Other solvents are used in marking pens to dry ink and in correction fluids like liquid paper. Such solvents are abused by inhaling the fumes directly through the mouth or nose. Sometimes solvents are soaked into rags and placed in the mouth or over the nose and inhaled. Solvents can also be abused by being placed into a plastic bag and breathing through the bag.

In addition to solvents, the history of inhalants also includes aerosols. Some users will spray paints, deodorants, hairsprays, fabric sprays or even vegetable oil sprays directly into the nose and mouth area to get the effect. The history of inhalants like these is recent since many of these chemicals have only been around a short while.

Gases, on the other hand, have a long history of inhalants. Butane, propane and nitrous oxide gases have been around for a long time. Of course during this last century it has become easier than ever to abuse these gases. Nitrous oxide is the most widely abused gas and can be found in whipped cream dispensers and car fuel additives.

Solvents, aerosols and gases are all inhaled for the effects they have on the central nervous system. Feelings of painlessness, intoxication and euphoria are temporarily created by these inhalants when they are abused. Another class of inhalants are nitrites which include amyl nitrite and cyclohexyl nitrite. The history of inhalants of this type show that they are abused because they relax muscles and dilate blood vessels which some people find enhances sexual pleasure.

The problem with inhalants is that they have dire consequences on the mind and body of the user. If you are investigating inhalants for yourself or a loved one, we at Spencer Recovery Centers encourage you to call us today for treatment. Inhalant abuse, like all drug abuse, can become a dangerous addiction that progresses to a fatal end. If you would like more information about our treatment programs and what we can do for you, please give us a call today.

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